The ONE THING That Changed My Life & Now Yours

Omar & Melinda Martin & Tom Beal and Wanda

In order be an elite wrestler, national champion bicycle trick rider, #1 Honor Man from United States Marine Corps Bootcamp, #1 sales person, elite affiliate marketer, internationally recognized public speaker, or ANYTHING I ever felt called to do, this ONE THING helped me get from where I was to where I wanted to be in record time, and when applied properly can assist you in doing the same.

I thought everyone knew about it and applied it, but I found out later neither of those were the case. Hardly anyone ever recognized it as THE KEY to achieving anything of greatness, and even fewer took it upon themselves to apply it to their lives and improve their circumstances.

What is this ONE THING? It is Step #3 in my 5 Step Success Magnet System and I call it: Identify & Align.

It is simply finding someone who has already achieved what you are seeking to accomplish, and follow their lead via their guidance; as close as you can get to them personally mentoring you.

Sometimes that is through reading a book or article (they wrote or was written about them), other times it is an audio recording or podcast of them sharing their secrets and strategies, and other times it is by watching videos of them. You possibly may even seeing them present live to you (at a live event or live webinar), or the best yet is to have them mentor you in a group or 1-on-1 coaching scenario.   

Success leaves clues! It's up to us to become curious enough to locate those clues that are pertinent to us RIGHT NOW then APPLY THEM and reap the benefits of now knowing how to do what we didn't prior to becoming curious 

Identify and align with the experts you resonate with and borrow from their knowledge, expertise, and experience to shorten your journey. Or waste valuable weeks, months, years trying to figure it out on your own (and sometimes you never do figure it out). 

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