These Still Little-Known US Gov’t Programs Pay up to 18%!

Ted Thomas & Tom Beal

Sometimes things are so good, you question if they are even for real.

Imagine for instance a secure and predictable investment opportunity guaranteed by law that could provide a very healthy second income or boost up your retirement.

Would 18% interest on your money (in some cases, 24% or more), guaranteed by the government, be OK with you? Or would you question it?

You would think that something that has been around for more than 200 years and has been backed by every county government in the United States (in fact, they rely on it), everybody, including you, should know about it by now, right?

For sure, the “big players*” know all about it and they’d rather you don’t. *the banks and wealth investment managers.

Good news is that you now are about to learn from one of the greatest authorities on purchasing and selling this little known (safe, secure, and predictable) secret.

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